Frequently asked Questions


Custom and personalized orders

We would love to create a personal piece for you- please message me so we can figure out exactly what you are looking for and how much it will be. Thank you!

Local pick up option?

If you are local, and would like to pick up your order instead of paying for shipping, we have a special coupon you can add to your order so you do not have to pay for shipping! Message us today- we’d be happy to provide it for you!

Care instructions

These are very delicate and dainty pieces- please wear with care. There is a possibility the resin may discolour over time. The oils from your skin, and exposure to uv light, may cause the resin to turn a yellowish colour.

Wrong address given...can I change it?

By Canada Post law, once a package is entered into the mail stream it MUST be delivered to that address. Therefore, we cannot change the address once we purchase the shipping label. Please double check your address before checking out so we can ship to the location that serves you best:)